Prophecy of the Flame Movie

The Crusaders of the Light

Short introduction to the story:

They all booked a weekend at the Renaissance Hotel and Gaming World, looking to get away from life. Playing as their favorite character, they met their teammates for the first time. The guys were thrilled when Rebecca was assigned to them - they actually get to play with a girl!

Rebecca's husband, Kyle, had signed booked them at the hotel as an anniversary present. He figured her love of RPG's (role playing games) on the computer made this a pretty sweet gift. Rebecca was just trying to keep the peace, so off she went to join her team. Most of them were happy to help her get used to the system.

Zapped into another world, transformed into their characters, confusion ensues. Rebecca's intuition points grants her a vision: the strangers dressed in authentic medieval clothes are really the guys she was gaming with just before that light blinded them.

They were ready for a weekend of role playing, now they are playing for their lives, looking for a way home.

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