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Jamison the Good

Prophecy of the Flame - Book One became #1 on Amazon Kindle in 2010.  Recently there has been talk about a movie. Before Hollywood cast the film, let them know what YOU think!

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Chad is a med. student who discovered LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) when his roommates invited him to a Renaissance Faire. The more he pounded Jamison whiskey, the better LARPer he became, hence the name Jamison the Good.

Of course his chosen character was a Healer. A Master Healer to be exact. Dark hair, kind, compassionate eyes, good at swinging a sword, and a heart of gold: which actor would you nominate for this part?

When I first started writing the books, I was watching SlidersJerry O'Connell was my inspiration. But I had a couple of kids and it was quite a few years since then. I really like Liam Hemsworth, he was great in Hunger Games. I'd love to have him as the kind healer.

But then again, watching Devin on the TV series, Chuck, brings Jamison's surfer background to life. Ryan McPartlin has the right look and upbeat personality for this role.

Have I missed a good choice for Jamison?

Put your favorite actor for the role in a comment below or just vote by adding a "Yes"  in a reply to the actors already there!

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