Prophecy of the Flame Movie - Szames

Who will YOU choose to play Prince Szames?

Prophecy of the Flame - Book One became #1 on Amazon Kindle shortly after Book Two in the series released. Talk about the movie, based on Book One, began in 2012. A screenplay has been completed. Now we are just waiting for the rest of the pieces to fall into place.
I've never been good at waiting, sitting on my thumbs. How about you? So let's find out what fans think about actors for the movie, before they are picked! How often do you see a movie based on a book and think - they picked HIM for that part?
Now's your chance to weigh in before the decisions made!

Prince Szames of the magical world of Cuthburan is one of the fan's favorite characters. Humble, unassuming, big, blond, and brawny with a huge heart: what's not to love?


When I first saw Chris Hemsworth  in the Star Trek movie, I thought I had found, Prince Szames for Prophecy of the Flame,

the movie, but I wasn't positive. I didn’t see him stand next to anyone... would he be tall enough? Szames is 6'4". Then I saw him in Thor. He looked so much like the picture of Szames I had drawn for my book – I knew he was the perfect person for the part...

When Chris took his shirt off, oh man, that massage scene between him and Reba (the female heroine) took on a whole new perspective! We need massive fan support on our facebook page to get a star of his caliber for this role...

I was shocked to see the transformation of Chris Evens 

for Captain America. He has really bulked up. Now he's ready to play the sword-swinging prince of my dreams! And, man, are you in for a treat: Both Chris's star in the Avengers - releasing today. I can't wait to see these two phenomenal men on one giant screen!

On the Facebook movie page for the Prophecy of the Flame movie you can cast your vote. Which Avenger should answer the call to action and help us give kids a warm bed?

Channing Tatum has practice swinging a sword from his role in The Eagle. He's a shoe-in for the romance between Reba and Szames after staring in Dear John and The Vow. Channing may be the underdog, but he would be perfect for Prophecy of the Flame! This is going to be one tough decision! Vote today before Szames is chosen!

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Reply to the comments with YES on the comment with the actor you think should play Szames!
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  1. I vote for CHRIS HEMSWORTH!

  2. I vote for CHANNING TATUM!

    1. Tatum! All the way, he is the very fit for the role!

  3. I vote for CHRIS EVANS!

  4. They are all YUMMY! ! I think Chris would be great. He has that hint of vulnerability the part needs.

  5. I am so glad you wrote this series... It is wonderful... thank you