The Prophecy of the Flame Movie - Prince Alexandros

Prince Alexandros - Which Actor will YOU Choose?

I have pictured the characters in Prophecy of the Flame for so long... I often watch movies and ask myself – does this star have a part in my cast? - for more information on Prophecy of  the Flame and the upcoming movie - click HERE -

But the real question is who would YOU choose? 


Prince Alexandros, with his mysterious ability to make the heroin swoon, regardless of any wedding vows, will be a fun character for any actor.
Knowing who I want is easy. I originally pictured Peirce Brosnan, in his Remington Steel days, as Alex.  When I saw Brandon Routh as Superman, I knew I had found my dark, cunning, narcissistic prince.  I want to melt just looking at his picture!


Liam Hemsworth has hit the big screen in the Hunger Games... He's tall, dark, and handsome - but is he refined enough to play the elegance of the Crown Prince?  

Another recent favorite is Tom Welling from Smallville. Despite the name, I assure you, there is nothing small about him! 

These are my favorite, can you think of a 6'4" actor that has this type of look? Add your favorite  for the part of Prince Alexandros in the comments to get them in the running for the Prophecy of the Flame movie!

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