Prophecy of the Flame Movie - ArchMage Reba

 ArchMage Reba - Who has the Fire to play the Prophesied Heroine?

Prophecy of the Flame - Book One  became #1 on Amazon Kindle in 2010.  Recently there has been talk about a movie. Before Hollywood cast the film, let them know what YOU think!

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For me, picking a Reba is the greatest challenge. The love triangle between the three main characters won’t be complete without a brave, brash, beautiful Reba. But which of Hollywood's fiery redheads has the moxie to play the ordinary housewife who is zapped into a magical world - changed into the most powerful sorceress (mage) Cuthburan has ever seen?


Jamie Alexander looked awfully good in all that battle armor in Thor.  She proved she can battle with the boys.  I would love to see her as the long awaited Prophesied Savior of Cuthbruan?

I love the fighting spirit that Adrianne Palicki shows in her her action movies like Red Dawn and G.I. Joe. The previews for Wonder Woman were awesome - before the NBC series was canceled. Adrianne has the skills, and I've seen her as a blonde and a brunette, but is her complexion suitable for a redhead? 

Deborah Ann Woll has only had minor roles - True Blood is the only one I've seen. She is a natural redhead, she's tall, she looks like a REBA, but can she fight? What do you think? Should we give her a shot at a staring role in Prophecy of the Flame?

Or will Twilight fans come out in mass and vote for Kristin Stewart? Do  you think she has the fire to play the bad ass mage?

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The Prophecy of the Flame Movie - Prince Alexandros

Prince Alexandros - Which Actor will YOU Choose?

I have pictured the characters in Prophecy of the Flame for so long... I often watch movies and ask myself – does this star have a part in my cast? - for more information on Prophecy of  the Flame and the upcoming movie - click HERE -

But the real question is who would YOU choose? 


Prince Alexandros, with his mysterious ability to make the heroin swoon, regardless of any wedding vows, will be a fun character for any actor.