Prophecy of the Flame - The Movie: Charles

Charles the Prince Charming?

The Prophecy of the Flame movie... I've been blogging about it in this series of Prophecy of the Flame - The Movie posts. I won't burden my readers with repeating the same intro, but if your new and what to get the scoop, you may want to start with lead characters and some basic info about the upcoming movie:

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He's played D&D all his life, always using the same character: Charles. He is a paladin with high charisma points - which means he's good with the ladies. He's suave, he's smooth, handsome, and buff. Now he's REAL! In a blink of an eye, his gaming group at the Renaissance Hotel and Gaming World has been zapped into a magical world and changed into their characters. Talk about a dream come true... or is it?

The first time I saw Sinqua Walls (right) as Lancealot, I knew he was perfect for Charles!  But does he have comedic timing? 

Simmons had a small role in Madea's Family Reunion, Boris Kodjoe (left) as Frankie Henderson in the same movie had me considering him for Charles.

I also like Edi Gathegi. The first time I saw him in Twilight, I knew he would make an awesome knight for Prophecy of the Flame.

Recently I've been seeing a lot of Amin Joseph. He was in The Expendables, CSI and NCIS. He's got the moves for action, the hotness for Charming, but does he have comedic timing?

Do you have a favorite black actor that can swing a sword and give comic relief? He must be at least 6 feet tall and pass for mid to late 20's. Post in the comments to add him to the poll!

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