The Prophecy of the Flame Movie - Andrayia

 Which Buxom Blonde will play Andrayia?


Prophecy of the Flame - Book One  Prophecy of the Flame - Book One became #1 on Amazon Kindle shortly after Book Two in the series released. Talk about the movie, based on Book One, began in 2012. A screenplay has been completed. Now we are just waiting for the rest of the pieces to fall into place.
I've never been good at waiting, sitting on my thumbs. How about you? So let's find out what fans think about actors for the movie, before they are picked! How often do you see a movie based on a book and think - they picked HIM for that part?
Now's your chance to weigh in before the decisions made!


The storyline is a basic fish out of water romantic comedy set in a world of fantasy and magic: Five strangers are zapped into a world of magic and given the looks and abilities of the people they were pretending to be. This motley band of wannabe heroes soon discovers having the powers they've always dreamed of, doesn't make life a dream come true!
I have pictured the characters in Prophecy of the Flame for so long... I often watch movies and ask myself – does this star have a part in my cast? What do you think?


Both Amanda Seyfried (right) and Amanda Bynes (lower left) have what it takes to be the buxom, beauty Andrayia – mistress of Prince Alexandros, heir to the Throne of Cuthburan. Andrayia is a feisty blond that will fight for her man – her life, and the life of her son may depend on her strength, as a woman and as a warrior.


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  1. I think Amanda Seyfried should play Andrayia. I love her fiesty additude.