Prophecy of the Flame Movie - Allinon

Allinon the Druid Elf

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George is an senior accountant at his firm, so he believes he has great people skills. Older than the other crusaders by a decade means he as more world experience, at least in his one limited mind. When he becomes his dream character, Allinon the Druid Elf, he quickly assumes control, demanding the role of leader. He is the boss you've always hated, the know-it-all you want to slap up side the head as he repeatedly puts his foot in his mouth. 

Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory is perfect for this role. Sheldon’s arrogant, snide, superior tone is just what this character calls for. This is a Lord of the Rings elf, not one of Santa's! Tall and lean - yep, Jim has it. 

But wait! How about  Alexander Skarsgård  from True Blood?  He's tall, lean, and has that snippity, uppity attitude in spades! His role in Battleship showed great versatility. A definite choice for Allinon! 

Which will you choose? Are you a fan of Big Bang  or True Blood? 

Have I missed a good choice for the Elf? 

Put your favorite in a comment below or just vote by adding a "Yes"  reply to the actors already there!


  1. I vote for Jim Parsons from Big Bang!

  2. I vote for Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood!

    1. Alex would have to be my first choice, but not by much!

  3. Alexander, with the right Reba to put him in his place it would be an entertaining watch.