6th Grade Writing Contest 
 Each student was to write a short story around a line from 
Prophecy of the Flame - Book One 
"I looked up from the sentinel I'm keeping into the eyes of a young boy"
The student with the most votes will win a limited edition Prophecy of the Flame post card.

By Rachel M. Welker.
I look up from the  sentinel  I am keeping into the eyes of a young boy. They are full of hunger and pain. I glance back down at the tiny statue that is keeping watch over me and hand it to him. His eyes fill with joy and wonder. "Keep it," I whisper, barely audible, "it will protect you." I stand up and walk away. I take one step at a time, barely able to put one foot in front of the other as I walk. Now that I have no guard I am helpless. I might as well be left to die.

I walk for a long time, never stopping, never resting. I am somehow staying at the  same  pace. The forest keeps me awestruck. Never before have I seen such a beautiful place. Then, I feel an overwhelming weight in my chest. It is time. I lay myself down and close my eyes. They never will open unless my prince comes to save me. And I desperately hope he does.

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