Prophecy of the Flame Movie - Jerik

Jerik the Dwarf

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The Crusaders of the Light, the group of gamers zapped into a magical world, wouldn't be complete without an axe-swinging Dwarf. Darren is big, burly architect. Somehow his transformation into a four and a half food, broad shouldered, axe swinging dwarf just seems to fit. Sure, he grumbles and grumps, but under that bushy beard lies a heart of gold.
If John Rhys Davies can be whittled down to size for Lord of the Rings, I'm sure many other actors can be, too. My personal favorite is a guy I saw on the new series Grimm. Brad William Henke played a Blutbad named Hap. I've seen Brad in many roles. The way he speaks, like words don't come easy, is exactly what I'm looking for!

I'm looking to fans to help add a few more Jerik actors in the comments. I will post pictures of the suggestions until we have a few!

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