Prophecy of the Flame Movie - Merithin

Merithin the Master Sorcerer

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Merithin, a sorcerer in Cuthburan, sees Reba and the crusaders of the light pretending to defend a hotel to win a free weekend. Mistaking them for the heroes Cuthburan needs to win the war threatening all mankind, Merithin zaps this group of ordinary people into his world of magic. In the transfer, they are turned into the characters they were pretending to be.

Cutburan nobility has taking an interesting approach to procreation. When a political match isn't pressing, they marry for looks and stature. Nobles can be easily recognized - they stand inches taller than the rest of the populous. 

Merithin is old, but spry. Common born, he is Only 5 foot 5... hmmm which actors can portray power, standing next to a giant?
Michael Coleman is an actor with an extensive background as minor roles in many films. He would be perfect for this re-occurring role.


Adrian Petriw is an up and coming actor. He has been the voice of Iron Man for years. I can totally see him as the feisty elder - with a little help from a make-up artist to help age him a couple of decades.

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